When Brad Paisley was inducted into the Opry on 2001, George Jones wrote a letter that was read to the crowd. “I am counting on you to carry on the tradition,” George wrote, "and make folks sit up and listen to what good country music should sound like." Brad has done just that in the intervening years, becoming a hero to country traditionalists. It doesn’t seem to matter how many modern elements Brad brings to his music - between his rock-influenced guitar-shredding skills, state-of-the-art touring visuals and topical songs like ‘Online’ and ‘Welcome to the Future’. There’s something about his attitude that speaks to tradition’

Brads Opry Bio

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Feelin’ It: Screenshots.

I really love this music video. Can I be Gabi, please?

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Scotty’s smiles at the ends of his videos 2011, 2013, 2014

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Golden Scotty smiles in the video 

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I really love the Feelin’ It video!! Scotty McCreery is so beautiful in it lol and as much as i hate to admit it he and his gf are really adorable!

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Scotty McCreery Feelin It


Scotty McCreery - Feelin’ It

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