Carrie on the America's Morning Show


FULL INTERVIEW: Carrie Underwood In Studio, on the America’s Morning Show (9/30)

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Carrie Underwood + Blown Away Era

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Title: UnknownSomething In the Water
Artist: UnknownCarrie Underwood
Album: UnknownGreatest Hits Decade : #1
Played: 3958 times


Now I’m changed…Now I’m stronger, there must have been something in the water….

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Carrie Underwood: Everybody Hurts


Carrie Underwood Greatest Hits

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It’s a joyous, uplifting song about changing your life and having that ‘aha moment’ to waking up and your life being different from that moment forward.- Carrie Underwood (On Her New Single “Something In The Water.”)

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We used to get a little respect
Now we’re lucky if we even get
To climb up in your truck, keep our mouths shut and ride along
Down some old dirt road we don’t even wanna be on
And be the girl in a country song

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